The Diary Text

The "backbone" in any diary is the text from the computergame "Last Crusade" from 1989. the Diary had the purpose of making live hard on pirate copies of the game, but the text now serve as a good source in making a Grail Diary.

Please note that if You combine the storyline in the CG-text with the storyline in "Young Indiana Jones" You´ll get a really hard time because these two story-lines do not go together.

Futhermore is featured an invented text, made by Marc, that is one of the best, if not the best I´ve seen. It is based on the CG-text, but much more is added along with new pictures. These pictures are not up for now, so You´ll have to do some (re)seach on the Internet Yourself. And one more thing... this text took days and hours to make, and it is free for You to use, but not misuse!

And a misuse would be to exploit this work commercial! So dont!!


The ComputerGame  Diary (CG)  with links to place pics.                                 

Invented text/notes to fill in with.

Marc´s invented text.

Note that this file is a PDF-file. It is marked with colours so that the original CG-text is black, the invented text is red, placement of pictures are in green and Henry´s notes in a smaller font are in blue.


As a help for getting a view over this area in the Jones´ lifeline You´ll find a lifeline here, made by Andrew Skinner. It shows the events from the Computer Diary compared with the evens in the Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and Raidersmovies.