The Inserts

The Inserts is an important part of the Grail Diary, as they are "giving life" to the book. They help providing the illusion that this diary really have been used and "been around".

There are many inserts You can add to Your diary, and as it goes for the drawings it is only Your imagination that sets the limits. Ive seen great work made like tickets for the gondols in Venice, lecture-tickets, railwaytickets from almost anywhere in the world. There are however only a few inserts that actually was in the movie-diary. These where: George Washington Quote, Blue Train Ticket, 1899 Silver Dollar Certificate,  Wolfram von Eschenbach Notes, The  Eastern Telegram  and the Grail Tablet Rubbing.

All others are purely speculations and can be added as You please.

Again Ive done some sorting and here are the list:

George Washington Quote  Front    -    Back (dim. 4.14"x 6.93" /10.6 x 17,6cm)

Blue Train Ticket (1) Front   -   Back (dim.6.69"x1.85" /17,3x4,7cm)

Blue Train Ticket (L.A.R.Y. ticket) (2)  (dim. 2"x 7 7/8"/5,08cm x 20cm)

1899 Silver Dollar Certificate  Front   -   Back   (dim. 3 1/8"x 7 3/8" /7,93cm x 18,73cm)

Wolfram von Eschenbach Notes

The Grailtablet-rubbing cant be reproduced by computer, sorry (dim. 41 x 58cm)

Indy adventure newspaper-clippings  (dim. as printet)

Eastern Telegram 

Venice townmap  and another version in colour

Letter from Lady Eleanora (A4)

Roman Numbersscrap (dim. 8 x10cm)

The Italian Stamp  and Venice Postmark (not really  inserts, but anyway)

Telegram from Codirolli

Photo of young Indy and father

Letter from Al-Jawf

Boston Trainticket    Front   -   Back (dim. 4" x 2" => 5,05 x 10,16 cm)

Zeppelin Ticket

Label for envelope

Now the trick in making good, autentic inserts is that You use different kind of paperquality. go to a real paper-store with You list of inserts You wanna do. Then pick the qualities that fits to each insert.

Ex. pick photopaper for the photo of Indy and his father or high quality paper (preferable with watermarks) for the 1889-dollar Certificate - that one just won' t do with ordinary printerpaper. Actually to my belive the only  insert that can be made on ordinary printerpaper is the Roman Numbersscrap.

So taking the amount of time You are going to use on your diary (or have used) take a few hours to frequent a real paper-shop and get the inserts right!